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You are crying! Player puts his PS5 on sale to help his partner | Levelup

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Many of us do not know each other more than online, come on, we may not have even seen or heard each other through a gaming platform, but as members of the video game community we are united by a passion. Although being an active member is not easy at all because toxicity is everywhere, there are times when gestures of solidarity and support are greater than anything else and a Chilean player experienced it.

The PlayStation community in Chile responded to the emergency of a player

According to information from Tarreo, the PlayStation community in Chile has been talking about their union for an important cause and that is that a player of the group PlayStation Chile Community made public the sale of his PlayStation 5 to treat an emergency situation since his partner suffered a cerebral thrombosis and it was necessary to pay for his medical studies. Of course, many of us might think that the option was set for someone to take advantage of this situation in an ugly way, however, the community did not allow it because it was greatly anticipated.

The fundraiser was a success, the player kept his PS5 and can help his partner

The community put their hands to work and decided that this player would not sell his PS5 as instead he would receive the money raised for his cause. That’s right, the members of the PlayStation Chile Community organized a collection to raise money and give it to this gamer so that he could keep his console, but most importantly, so that he could pay for his partner’s studies that are so necessary at this time.

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Fortunately, the community participated as expected and the money raised, much more than what this player asked for his PS5, arrived at the correct destination and now it only remains for things to go well and there is a speedy recovery.

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