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Xbox boss says Kinect was one of the game’s biggest contributions

Kinect, the Xbox 360 accessory released in 2010 amid the rise of motion-controlled games popularized by the Wii, sold more than 35 million units throughout its lifespan, but it was widely criticized by the most dedicated gamers. Nevertheless, Phil Spencer, jefe de Xbox, you think the device was one of the brand’s greatest contributions to the industry of the video game, as it paved the way for the company to focus on accessibility.

Spencer explains in an interview with the magazine Edge that although the creation of Xbox Live has been the biggest milestone company (the service forever changed online gaming on console), Kinect made video games from Xbox more accessible and helped change the image brand of the company (until that moment very focused on the misnamed hardcore gamer), although he makes it clear that he does not believe that all games should be handled with body movement.

“Before that, it’s not that all [nuestros] games were rated for adults, but doing things like Kinect Sports and things from other developers (Happy Action Theatre and dance games), really opened our eyes to what Xbox could be“, says the executive in the interview, according to VGC.

“When I look at work on accessibility we have done, be it the Adaptive Controller or the work we have done in software, I think you can draw a direct line to Kinect“Spencer continues, after citing some” very heartfelt emails “sent by some parents thanking the device that allowed children with disabilities to play.” Not specifically the device itself, but what a gaming platform can be for more people. . And that’s a journey we’re on “.

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Kinect Xbox One

Kinect: boom and bust

After the launch of the Kinect for Xbox 360, when Xbox One went on sale in November 2013 it included a improved device review with console and its voice and gesture control options were integrated with the machine interface. This was widely criticized and eventually a versin de Xbox One sin Kinect, which lowered the sale price.

When the Xbox One S and Xbox One X revisions, Kinect port removed (could be connected using an adapter). The latest generation Microsoft consoles, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, are not compatible with the device, although the This technology continues to be used in other areas.

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