Tuesday, August 9

What Voice and Vote left: with Torres, Ferrer, and legislators Cossar and Gudiño | Politics | The voice of the interior

This Tuesday a new Voice and Vote program was broadcast on Córdoba television, the political program that La Voz carries out.

In the first place, the Minister of Government, Facundo Torres, was open to putting “re-election” on the agenda, which he defined as “a concern of some mayors” who want to extend their mandates for having governed in a pandemic .

Later, legislators Marcelo Cossar (Juntos UCR) and Daniela Gudiño (Juntos por el Cambio) were against the bill by radical legislator Orlando Arduh (Juntos por el Cambio) to regulate online gambling and asked to withdraw the bill by qualifying it. of “embarrassment”.

Later it was the turn of the mayor of Río Tercero, Marcos Ferrer, who spoke about the breakdown of radicalism in the National Congress.

He said that in the last elections “people demonstrated for the renewal and voted for new leaders” and that this is not expressed with the presidency of Mario Negri in the majority bloc of radicalism in Congress.

On the end, the Bajo Palabra, the keys of the week harvested in the corridors of politics and Chumbi’s gaze on full screen.


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