Sunday, December 4

Twitter tests alerts with which authors can warn about sensitive images

The social network Twitter has begun to test a new function with which it allows its users to report that the images or videos that are uploaded to the platforms may be sensitive, so that alerts are shown to other people.

This novelty of Twitter applies to situations in which the users who upload them are aware that some images aren “disturbing or sensitive content”, as explained the security account official Twitter.

In this way, the social network allows users to add warnings that are only shown once, hiding the content of the image or video for those who prefer not to see it, although it is still possible to view it by clicking on the ‘view’ button.

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Adding these alerts to a tweet with multimedia content is possible after attaching the image or video in the Twitter post editor, by clicking on the three dots shown in the lower right part of the image icon.

Later, in the editor, after the icon of a flag, Twitter lets choose a third option, apart from ‘violence’ and ‘nudity’, entitled ‘sensitive’. After this option, the editor shows a preview of the alert message. Once ready, you have to click on ‘save’ and post the tweet with the attachment for the alert to appear. Twitter has only specified that lThe new test feature will be available to “some” of your service users.

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