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They confirm and explain replacement to the actor who would be Bill in The Last of Us series | Levelup

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As we have told you in recent weeks, the series of The Last of Us it is being filmed on various sets in Canada. Despite considerable progress, there is still time to make changes to the actors and just today a new actor was officially unveiled to join the production and fans are happy with the choice.

Recently an actor would have confirmed through an interview that Nick Offerman would participate in the project, something that drew attention, because the appearance of this actor had not been confirmed, but no details were offered about it.

However, the actor who revealed this news, Murray Bartlett mentioned that many scenes he shared with Offerman. In addition, it was known that Bartlett would give life to Frank, a character who does not appear in the original game, but who is mentioned and who would have been a person close to Bill, a friend of Joel Miller. Still, it was suspected that Nick Offerman would be the one to play Bill.

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What happened to the original actor Bill?

This raised doubts, because, as we told you, there was already a confirmed actor for Bill, With O’Neall, who was revealed along with the actor of Frank (Murray Bartlett) and that of Perry (Jeffrey Price) … what happened then ?

Well, today thanks to a report from Variety We know that a new audition had to be made for the character Bill, since O’Neill would have had to leave the project due to scheduling problems, according to a source with knowledge of the case. The participation of the new actor was confirmed shortly after by Naughty Dog.

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So, the production decided to do the audition process again and chose Nick Offerman. This actor has participated in several important productions, such as Parks & Recreation, and he is a very well known actor. But what most liked the fans is that the actor has a great resemblance to Bill, not only in his beard, but also in his eyes, face and complexion in general, so they think he will make a good interpretation at least in terms of the physique.

Here we leave you with an image of the character Bill and Nick Offerman.

Bill y Nick Offerman

What do you think of the new act that will bring Bill to life? Tell us in the comments.

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