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The unsolved mysteries of Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a fascinating environment full of mysteries, some of which do not offer a concrete explanation and can only be speculated.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is no stranger to mysteries, as Rockstar created a land of wilderness and discovery. Riding through the forests and mountains of this environment can lead players to discover strange points of interest, with little explanation. Others leave a wispy trail of clues that players can trace to learn more details.

For example, buildings in Red Dead Redemption 2 They play an important role in building the world, each filled with their own character and background. Some are average homes without much for them, others hint that something of a strange nature is going on. A good example of this is a house west of the Van Horn Trading Post that has bricked up doors and windows. To enter the dwelling, players must climb through one of the first-floor windows, which will lead them into a room filled with animal body parts sewn together to form grotesque creations. The mystery of who owns the house and what the inhabitant was trying to achieve is left to the player’s imagination, and this is just one of many unsolved mysteries.

Strange man

Beyond the settlements full of strange things, Red Dead 2 offers mysteries with more history behind them. One of the most famous unsolved mysteries is the identity of Strange Man. He first appears in RDR1, Strange Man appears as a well-dressed stranger who cannot remember his name in the mission “I know you.” Marston meets this man on three separate occasions, each time receiving an assignment from Strange Man that leads to some kind of moral dilemma. Strange Man also hints that he knows a lot about John’s past, but will not reveal how he gathered this information.

Reappears in Red Dead Redemption 2 with a more supernatural aura, leading some to believe that it symbolizes God or the devil. For example, players can find a hut in the Bayou Nwa that contains an unfinished portrait of someone who appears to be Strange Man. By revisiting the hut several times, the painting will become more complete. Once the painting is complete, if the player approaches the standing mirror, the reflection of Strange Man will appear behind them. There are also strange decorated messages along the walls that appear to be prophecies of how the story will unfold, such as the writing “from snow to cave”, a reflection of the location of Arthur’s first and last camp.

Mythical creatures

Another mystery that has spread from RDR1 for his successor it is the appearance of mythical creatures. Appearing for the first time in the Nightmare of the undead Mission DLC “Sasquatch”, Bigfoot is a creature that appears again in Red Dead 2 like a skeleton buried under a rocky ledge. There have been no official encounters with a live Bigfoot during the game, causing players to speculate about the existence of these giant monkeys. However, as Nightmare of the undead took place after the events of RDR2, one would assume there are live Bigfoots walking around West Elizabeth and New Hanover.

A strange encounter straight out of a horror movie is Saint Denis’s Dracula, whom Arthur can find on the east side of town. The vampire’s presence will be revealed by a cross on the map, which represents a corpse. Arthur can kill the vampire and retrieve bat wings and a legendary trophy from his body. Although there are five messages written on the city walls that can lead players to the vampire, Rockstar has never explained the role of vampires within the Dead red universe, leaving players wandering if there is a secret supernatural world to discover.

Athletics team

One of the creepiest mysteries in Red Dead Redemption 2 can be found in the misty forests of Tall Trees. When visiting the town of Blackwater, players can read an article about a missing track team in the local newspaper, explaining how the group was last seen leaving the north end of town for a run. If the players venture to the section of the forest just below the last ā€œLā€ of tall trees, they can find a ditch filled with the bodies of the athletes. By following clues, they can find a basement belonging to Edmund Lowry Jr., which contains evidence that Lowry was the killer of the track team. Although the method of killing remains a mystery, it goes without saying that it must have been carefully planned to take on an entire team of athletes.


A mystery that Rockstar incorporated both Dead red and Grand Theft Auto It is the appearance of UFOs, with no explanation of why they appear or where they come from. If the player visits an abandoned shack in New Hanover after venturing into a strange rock formation, they have a chance to see a UFO with a green beam fly overhead. Inside the hut that seems to trigger this encounter, there are several skeletons lying on beds and another on the table with a kind of cape. Players wonder if this strange place is a ritual site for alien activity and, if so, what type of civilization do these aliens originate from.

Aside from these well-known mysteries, there are many POIs all over the map that have their own strange secrets, most of which have not been officially explained. These mysteries exist for the purpose of being analyzed, allowing players to draw conclusions and share their theories with each other.

Red Dead Redemption 2 It is available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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