Thursday, January 20

The ‘Big Three’ of the Lakers is put to full performance to end the Celtics




Ldefensive strength and a Russell Westbrook explosive in the third quarter allowed Los angeles lakers prevail this Tuesday clearly against their great rivals, the Boston Celtics (117-102).

LeBron James was the Lakers ‘leading scorer (30 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists) but Westbrook (24 points and 11 assists) was the Los Angeles’ key man since his 15 points in the third set dynamited what until then was a game very even.

Anthony Davis (17 points and 16 rebounds) also stood out in some Lakers (13-12) who enjoyed great aim (51.6% in shots to the basket).

On the part of the Celtics (13-12), Jayson Tatum (34 points and 8 rebounds) was too lonely and Dennis Schroder did not shine in the match against his former team (10 points and 5 assists).

The Dominican Al Horford had 7 points, 8 rebounds and 2 assists in 30 minutes with the Celtics while the Spanish Juancho Hernangómez had 3 rebounds and an assist in 5 minutes.

The game with the most legendary rivalry in the NBA (17 championships each team and historical duels such as those of Larry Bird y Magic Johnson) arrived this time with the two franchises in low hours, away from prestigious positions and still trying to find their rhythm this season.

The night left a note for the pink chronicle with the presence in the front row of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who received a standing ovation when they appeared on the stadium screen.

Tatum contra LeBron

Like a true hurricane ready to sweep away the Lakers, Jayson Tatum had a spectacular start with 14 points in less than four minutes including four triples, a dunk on the fast break and a perfect 5 of 5 shooting (8-14 with 8.11 on the clock. ).

The Lakers defense, perhaps the purple and gold’s biggest flaw this season, managed to contain Tatum, but that left the way open for Robert Williams III, who hit two more additional baskets in a row including one with a splendid dunk.

In any case, the locals recovered their nerve, tightened on defense to run to the counterattack and benefited from the inspiration of LeBron James – fantastic in the first quarter with 16 points – to narrow the difference (31-33).

After the bad start of an unfortunate Anthony Davis and a Russell Westbrook past revolutions, Carmelo Anthony he emerged with great force from the bench and led the Lakers to take command against inconsistent Celtics (47-44 with 6.11 remaining by halftime).

Tatum was once again a toothache for the Lakers, but the Angelenos went to the locker room with an advantage relying on their 55.6% shooting accuracy and only weighed down by their 10 turnovers (60-55).

Win from defense

The Boston team came back half asleep at the restart and with very few ideas in attack, something that the Lakers took advantage of to open a small gap (66-57 with 8.34 on the clock)

It was not only demerit for the Celtics, since the Lakers closed their defense seriously and with determination and thus they could run to the counterattack with great ease (75-62 with 6.11 remaining)

Life smiled at the Lakers in the third quarter, with Westbrook finally dominating (15 points in that quarter) and who lifted the home crowd first with a triple and then with a great dunk (70-89, maximum difference with 2.04 to be disputed).

The Celtics had many duties and things to solve in the fourth quarter (75-91) and Tatum got down to work with 9 early points to give his team some hope (86-101 with 8.20 to go).

The Lakers were carried away by inertia and confidence, but the return to the court by James and Westbrook reactivated them to close the victory without excessive haste.

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