Tuesday, August 16

The Avengers are using celestials to travel through time

The Avengers are harnessing the powers of their heavenly base to send a fellow hero through space and time on a reconnaissance mission.

Warning! Avengers # 50 spoilers by Comics Marvel

the Avengers I have discovered how to travel through time as Black Panther wore. Celestial technology to send a partner through space and time. On Avengers # 50, T’Challa informs the rest of the super team that he sent Ka-Zar on a special mission throughout time to learn more about Earth’s oldest inherited powers. Even Iron Man is surprised to learn that the Avengers can time travel as they please.

Avengers # 50 is an essential next chapter in the ongoing Marvel Comics superteam series. The comic serves as an introduction, continuation, and conclusion to various stories throughout the Marvel Universe. The book introduces the Multiversal Masters of Evil, finally tracing Iron Man’s connection to Mephisto, and wrapping an orderly arc around the recent She-Hulk World War arc. Avengers Number 50 is anchored by the hero of Savage Land, Ka-Zar, who encounters various heroes and villains on his travels through time on the Avengers’ ultimate recon mission. However, Ka-Zar does not have powers to travel through time, as Black Panther took advantage of a Celestial to send him through time.

On Avengers # 50 from Jason Aaron, Aaron Kuder, Javier Garron, Rafael Fonteriz, Ed McGuinness, Carlos Pacheco, David Curiel, Alex Sinclair, Matt Hollingsworth, Rachelle Rosenberg, David Baldeon, and Israel Silva, the Avengers gather at their heavenly headquarters. After Captain Marvel suggests that the team might use some new blood after She-Hulk’s departure from the group, Iron Man says they have bigger fish to fry than arguing over who joins them, like the whereabouts of Mephisto. Black Panther reveals that he sent Ka-Zar, formerly a member of his Wakanda Agents team, on a special mission through time.

Black Panther reports that Avengers Ka-Zar’s mission is to learn more about Earth’s oldest inherited powers. Iron Man is perplexed to learn that the team has time travel capabilities, as Black Panther tells him that they have used Celestial technology to make this happen. While the Avengers’ heavenly headquarters might be dead, the team can still use the power of the cosmic monster to their own advantage. It’s an exciting but somewhat terrifying new source of power.

The fact that the Avengers turned a dead Celestial into their headquarters is great, but it also looks like a time bomb waiting to explode. With Earth’s mightiest heroes using the energy of the fallen celestial to travel through time, it sure feels like they’re about to play too much and potentially unleash something even more dangerous. the Avengers I better hope that taking advantage of the Celestial powers in such a meaningful way doesn’t come back to bite them.


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