Sunday, August 7

Switch hacker Gary Bowser must pay $ 10 million more to Nintendo

Gary Bowser was one of the most prominent members of the hacker group that sold chips to modify and hack Nintendo Switch. Last month he pleaded guilty to 11 counts – including fraud and conspiracy to launder money – and agreed to pay Nintendo $ 4.5 million, in addition to facing up to 10 years in jail. Now you must make a larger payment for another demand for 10 million dollars -8.8 million euros- for being part of Team-Xecuter and selling Switch and Nintendo 3DS chips.

Rather than face trial, Bowser pleaded guilty to two counts, offered $ 4.5 million, and the collaboration to find other team members -At least one remains on the run. The prosecution agreed to drop the remaining charges but warned that Bowser and his partner Max Louarn could still go to jail.

Team-Xecuter began its activities – under various names – in June 2013 until Bowser and other members were arrested in September 2020. The group sold devices that made it easy to play illegal copies on the Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Mini and Super Nintendo Mini, as well as of the modchip SX Pro and SX OS that allow modifying Nintendo Switch. Bowser in particular managed the Maxconsole web, a market for these devices that also stored more than 13,000 illegal copies of games; Nintendo has also prosecuted stores that sold the group’s products, such as Tom Dilts Jr.’s Uberchips, who accepted a payment of $ 2 million for the damage caused.

Nintendo added protection against these hackers

Nintendo updated its Switch models in 2019 to fight against the group’s modifications. For example Switch Lite, which was launched in September 2019, “was produced with updated technological measures to, among other things, cope with circumvention devices such as the SX Pro and SX OS,” the Japanese company said.

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