Thursday, May 26

Spaceflight Simulator discovers your date on PC • Console and Dashboard

January 25, 2022. It is the date for the launch of Spaceflight Simulator, complying with the expected deadlines. It will be released on PC, via Steam Early Access.


until Spaceflight Simulator Pierce the atmosphere, the details of the title developed by Stefo Mai Morojna are remembered. When it lands on PC, we’ll embark on a mission to discover new planets, aboard custom spaceships from scratch.

It will be necessary to face the gravity itself, as well as the climatic conditions of each planet. As engineers and astronauts, we will defy physics to build our own rockets, explore the entire universe and reach the unknown. We will attend to the propulsion systems and capsules, among other elements, when manufacturing the vehicles.

It is now available on iOS and Android devices. A version for Nintendo Switch is underway, whose premiere will coincide with the release of Early Access on PC. That is, in 2022.

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