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Sony bets on VR with a prototype for an 8K experience | Levelup

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Although it has long been a symbol of the futuristic ideas of decades ago, virtual reality has not been able to become a milestone for the world of technology, much less a mass consumer experience that becomes a big business. However, the changes brought about by the pandemic that led to a rapid rise in online interactions, as well as the stakes in VR and augmented reality, along with the Metaverse, could change things and companies, like Sony, already are outlined for it.

Sony goes for high definition VR environments

During the Sony Technology Day event, the Japanese company presented its next bet in terms of virtual reality, a prototype headset capable of providing an experience of up to 8K. According to Sony’s presentation and the information provided about this hardware, it is a start of a VR device with 2 tiny OLED screens, each capable of displaying 4K resolution. Likewise, the prototype refers to the location of different CMOS image sensors whose handling and interpretation of data become an essential part of the processing and contribute to the reduction of latency.

According to Kei Kimura, a member of Sony’s Research and Development Center, the company’s goal with this prototype is to deliver a next-generation virtual reality experience that can work with current and upcoming proposals for online environments.

In the same way, Sony made it clear that it is betting on VR devices that are smaller, lighter but powerful enough to offer a 3D experience in virtual worlds of the highest definition and contribute to the new forms of interaction that are taking place in the world. digital.

Although it is something that is under development, it cannot be forgotten that PlayStation VR is one of the most successful devices in the sector and it was the strategy that Sony built around video games that generated a niche that has kept the interest in this technology.

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