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Sonic: The Movie 2 To Debut Trailer At The Game Awards; sees his new poster | Levelup

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Despite all odds, Sonic: The Movie It was a box office hit, so it’s not uncommon to hear that the sequel is on the way. We have spent months without knowing anything about the film, which will hit theaters early next year.

We have very good news for you if you are a fan of the SEGA franchise, as a trailer for Sonic: The Movie 2. This will happen in a few hours, as it will be one of the announcements of The Game Awards 2021.

So that the wait is not so heavy, SEGA and Paramount surprised the lovers of Sonic and company with a spectacular poster that gives us a glimpse of what the main characters will look like in this new adventure.

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Reveal new poster of Sonic: The Movie 2 and a trailer is on the way

The official accounts of the blue hedgehog on social networks released an incredible poster of Sonic: The Movie 2. In it we see an action-packed scene, as Sonic confronts Dr. Robotnik, once again starring Jim Carrey, and his henchmen.

The iconic character is not alone, as he receives help from Tails as they soar through the skies in a small plane. The poster reaffirms the release date that had been revealed long ago: April 8 next year.

On the other hand, it was confirmed that we will see a trailer of Sonic: The Movie 2 in the framework of The Game Awards 2021. Geoff Keighley, presenter and organizer of the event, hinted that it will not be the only surprise of the night related to the franchise.

There have long been clues about the possible imminent reveal of the new game in the series, so there is a possibility that we will also see it at the gala. Of course, here we will have all the news with the information. Below you can see the poster:

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The Game Awards 2021 will take place tomorrow, December 9. Look for more news related to Sonic in this link.

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