Thursday, January 27

Scuf presents its controller for PS5, a customizable DualSense starting at $ 200

SCUF announced in October that its “pro controller” for PlayStation 5 will arrive before Christmas, and it’s official. Reflex is a new line of controllers designed for PS5 and PC with three different models that include functions of Sony’s official DualSense and some other customization features. On the other hand, its price will not be higher than the DualSense: $199.99 for Reflex, $229.99 for Reflex Pro and $259.99 for Reflex FPS.

In terms of design, the Reflex knobs are very similar to the DualSense and also will accept the same firmware updates that Sony releases for your pad -for example, to change the way your optical response emulates the vibration of the DualShock 4-, so in many respects it will be identical: it is rechargeable and supports USB-C connection, it has a button to mute the microphone and the touch panel. Scuf Reflex and Reflex Pro – but not the Reflex FPS – include optics and Sony’s adaptive triggers, which adjust the resistance to the trigger, arc, or voltage displayed on the screen.

S we will find other differences that justify the price, such as a part of the housing that can be removed and replaced with another -SCUF will offer a variety of colors in the coming weeks and months, currently only black is available- as well as antifriction surfaces of other colors to add to the analog sticks.

All three models include rear paddles

The main novelty in the Reflex is in the lower part, where they appear four palettes to customize with up to three profiles. This allows you to save settings for different games or genres. There are also different types of levers to replace the typical ones, with different heights and concave or vaulted shapes.

Scuf controller pro for PS5 with news regarding DualSense

Reflex Pro and Reflex FPS have a “high performance” grip for comfort, and Reflex FPS is the only model that has instant triggers, a SCUF feature that minimizes pulsation in the same way as Instinct Pro for Xbox, which is why this pad does not have adaptive triggers. You can know the differences in detail in the official page.

Scuf controller pro for PS5 with news regarding DualSense

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