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Red Dead Online: Four Weeks of Bonuses and Rewards, Holiday Locations and More

Red Dead Online, the multiplayer side of Red Dead Redemption 2, also celebrates Christmas with outlaws from Spain and from around the world. From Rockstar they have announced four weeks of bonuses and rewards, plus Christmas locations in A las Armas, Christmas spirit and much more. Decorations, Christmas carols … the Wild West has been decked out for the holidays. We tell you all the details under these lines.

The Holidays are coming to Red Dead Online

“During your travels, you will hear Christmas carols, music and congratulations from Cripps, Harriet and Gus, but do not forget to prepare yourself, because it could start to get cold and start to snow”, they detail from Rockstar. From December 14 until January 5, the level restrictions of the double-barreled shotgun will be eliminated, so we can get the Krampus variant. In addition, great bonuses and discounts will also be available on massive amounts of missions, modes and much more.

Double RDO $ and EXP in Bounty Hunter and To Gun Missions

Double Reward in Red Dead Online

Get double the RDO $ and character EXP in To Arms and double the RDO $ and RPG EXP in all Bounty Hunter missions from today until January 5. Because crime does not forgive the Christmas holidays.

New holiday maps for A Las Armas starting December 21

New maps in To Arms

If you look at the mailbox at the nearest post office between December 21 and January 5, you may find a telegram about ruthless bandits besieging Colter, Rhodes, the Hanging Dog Ranch, and the Emerald Ranch taking advantage of inclement weather.

It has also been reported the presence of cougars, wolves and bears, so don’t let your guard down. You may also see stop a locomotive with festive decoration at Rhodes Stations and Emerald Ranch during the fighting, though not hauling gifts, but more gunmen for you to take down. If you manage to reach the last wave of any map in To Arms: Holiday, you will get a 50% discount on any weapon.

Double RDO $ in Merchant and Liquor Sales

Double the rewards in Red Dead Online

The locals are eager for fresh merchandise and strong spirits. If you manage to keep your cars on the road and complete any Merchant or Liquorist sales during the holiday season, you will receive double RDO $.

Big winnings for participating in Showdown Modes

There are modes such as All Counts and Last Standing, which grant triple RDO $ and EXP and double gold, while Gun Rush, Gun Rush (Teams), War Chest, Explosive Delivery, and Invasion offer double the rewardsSo you’ll have plenty of reasons to try and claim victory in the brawl without ending up badly beaten.

Bonuses and Holiday Offers

Bonuses at red dead online

If you play Red Dead Online between December 14 and 25, you will receive 25 Capitale bonuses and a free accessoryWhile if you play between the 14th and the 29th, you will get the winter variant of the replay Evans for free. If you log in between December 26 and January 5, you will get 10 rounds of unstable dynamite, 20 fire arrows, a weight loss robe to help you shed those extra pounds after the holidays and a coupon to pay off the reward offered on your head and start the new year on the right foot.

Ring in the New Year with Bonuses and Bounty Hunter Rewards and a free winter coat

Free coat in Red Dead Online

The new year brings the promise of new beginnings … unless you are a detestable coward wanted by the long arm of the law, of course. In that case, your future does not bode well. Between December 28 and January 5, if you deliver fugitive players alive, you will receive a Bounty Hunter EXP 2000 Award; Whereas if you deliver them dead, you will get RDO $ 200. In turn, deliver infamous or legendary fugitives dead or alive and you will collect 2 Hawkmoth Boleadoras.

As the temperature plummets during the holidays, return to Red Dead Online on the dates indicated above and you will receive free the winter shotgun coat, ideal for protection from snowstorms and freezing winds. You will receive the offers and rewards in a maximum of 72 hours.


If you aspire to join the ranks of the headhunters, you have a 5 gold bars discount on Bounty Hunter licenses, as well as all half-price boleadoras (including Hawkmoth, Brookstone, and Gravesend variants), a 30% discount on the Bounty Hunter Cart and 40% on all Beginner, Promise, and Constant Bounty Hunter items.

Below you have the full list of discounts available in frontier stores and in the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalog for the next four weeks.

  • Bounty Hunter License 5 Discount Gold Bars
  • Bounty Hunter License Bonus 5 Discount Gold Bars
  • Boleadoras (including hawkmoth, brookstone and gravesend) 50% off
  • Ammo 30% off
  • Bounty Hunter Cart 30% off
  • RPG Weapon Variants 40% off
  • Breton horses 40% discount
  • Precision Rifles 40% off
  • Novice Bounty Hunter Items, Promise & Constant 40% off
  • Simple shoulder bags 40% discount

Advantages of Prime Gaming

Red Dead Online players who link their Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts by December 20 will be rewarded a free stable in the stable and 5 special medicines for horses. If you connect to Prime Gaming between December 21 and January 17, you will get a free bolt-action rifle and coat.

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