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Phil Spencer says Xbox is not focused ‘only’ on Xbox Game Pass

There is life beyond Xbox Game Pass inside Xbox, says Phil Spencer. The division director has stated that The Redmond company is not focused solely on the subscription service, which with its more than 18 million subscribers already consider it to be “very, very sustainable.” His words come after the green house has promised to add another four PC games since their first day of release to this library; titles to be advertised in The Game Awards, this same December 10.

Xbox is not only focused on Game Pass

In an interview recently given to the magazine Edge, Phil Spencer has made it clear that there are many other projects in the future for Xbox beyond Xbox Game Pass. Something that I already addressed a few weeks ago when talking about the sustainability of this service, indicating that “It is not the only focus of our organization”. In this sense, he argues that it could not be “further from the truth” to say that companies focus on a single channel of experience (such as Xbox Game Pass for Microsoft).

That said, Spencer maintains that he “can’t imagine” a time when all Xbox users subscribe to Game Pass. “Do I want or imagine that everyone on Xbox will be an Xbox Game Pass subscriber? Not me. I want people to make their own choices“He explains.” Some people want to buy all the games we release and create their own library. “In turn, in the same interview, the head of Xbox defends that Xbox Game Pass has had a great” commercial sense “from the beginning, despite having received criticism from Shawn Layden, a former PlayStation executive, who questioned its viability.

“I want people to make their own choices”

“Subscriptions provide a good continuous income stream”, dijo Spencer a Edge. “And that is something important for any business, in addition to the peaks that we will get with certain launches. That is why I talk about how it really is a mixture of things. It is not about one thing taking away the other.” But he reiterates that the company is focused on a cluster of things, and not just one aspect of its business: “From store sales, console sales, Windows engagement, Game Pass, xCloud engagement … “

Xbox Game Pass was launched in 2017 originally conceived as a video game rental service. Since then it has become a centerpiece of Microsoft’s business, attracting as we say more than 18 million subscribers according to the latest official figures shared in January 2021. It is even rumored that PlayStation is planning to launch its own platform of subscription following this model.

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