Monday, June 27

Pharaoh: A New Era boasts a soundtrack • Console and Dashboard

Pharaoh: A New Era continues with its development. On this occasion, the soundtrack is the main protagonist in the video collection Behind the Scenes. The melody of the classic game has been recreated, while new arrangements and musical instruments typical of Ancient Egypt have been introduced.


As we learned this summer, this is a remastering by one of the greatest city builders of all time. In charge of Triskell Interactive and Dotemu, it will be during 2022 when it sees the light, on PC.

It will use two dimensions and 4K, as well as improved mechanics and interface. We will build cities during six different periods of Ancient Egypt. The experience will be completed with the expansion Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile, included within the game, with its more than one hundred hours.

Regarding the video, Triskell Interactive co-founder Théophile Noiré and the musician Louis Godart they speak of the commitment when recreating the musical pieces that have meant so much to the players. They resort to traditional oriental instruments, which implies betting on authenticity. It will serve to honor Egyptian culture.

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