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New Splinter Cell would have an open world like Halo Infinite | Levelup

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Ubisoft has significant franchises on its hands that have been wasted over the past few years. Splinter Cell It is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding, as its thousands of fans have dreamed of a new installment for a long time.

Recent rumors claim that the studio already has plans to reactivate the saga with a new installment. Sam Fisher’s next adventure is said to adopt elements from the reboot of HITMAN and that the project has already received the green light.

More information on the secret title has just emerged from a very good source. Thanks to this, we know more about the general concept that the next Splinter Cell, which would have open world elements.

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Next Splinter Cell it would be an open world adventure

Tom Henderson, editor de VCG and industry insider, spoke again about the rumored Splinter Cell which seeks to revive the stealth and espionage franchise. According to the details, the title is still in an early stage of development.

The interesting thing is that, apparently, the game will have an open world proposal or something similar. Henderson assures that the game will be a “stealthier version of Assassin’s Creed”. He also points out that his open world proposal will be somewhat different.

To put this in perspective, he ensured that the new Splinter Cell bet on an open world similar to that of Halo Infinite. There are fans who already doubt the proposal, because they believe that the saga would not adapt well to this element.

On the other hand, there are players who are excited, because they believe that Splinter Cell would fit in well with a world of vast expanses, just as it did with HITMAN and Metal Gear Solid V, games that were mentioned as examples.

Unfortunately, Henderson did not share more details about the title, but everything indicates that we are years away from knowing it. Because of this, fans will have to be patient to learn about the evolution of the franchise.

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While we know more about this striking project, we invite you to visit this link to find out all the news related to Splinter Cell.

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