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It is 30 years since the first issue of Club Nintendo magazine | Levelup

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For Mexican fans of video games there are very important moments, events that marked their history in gaming, and one of them was the publication of Club Nintendo magazine. Although we are surprised by how quickly time passed, today is a holiday for many players in the country and in Latin America as it marks 30 years since the publication of the first number, the one with the cover where Super Mario parachutes into the Mexico City.

Club Nintendo turns 30

On December 7, 1991, the young video game scene in Mexico was shaken with the appearance on the newsstands of a magazine with the name of Nintendo, a video game company that little by little was beginning to position itself in our country. The publication in question was called Club Nintendo and it represented a very important step in terms of information for the players, since even before it the sources were imported magazines that reached established stores and newsletters made by Gustavo “Gus” Rodríguez y José ” Pepe “Sierra that were offered in the only store that officially sold Nintendo products in Mexico City.

The first issue of Club Nintendo started a great story

The first issue of Club Nintendo magazine began a great story for the video game media in Mexico as it accompanied the company’s fans for many years and some of them even took inspiration to give an account of the industry through other media. or to venture into topics such as computing, programming, and video game development.

The reveal of the Nintendo 64, one of my favorite numbers

Club Nintendo existed in printed version in Mexico from December 1991 to December 2014, although it continued to be published on paper in other Latin American countries until 2019 as over time it became the official Nintendo magazine for the entire region. As of 2015, there was a transition to the digital format, however various problems sealed its fate and the project could not take off as expected, so that in July 2019 Club Nintendo’s operations came to an end.

Happy 30 years, Club Nintendo!

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