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Ignite the hype for the Halo series with this new trailer | Levelup

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Now is a good time to Halo because the clouds of the development process of Halo Infinite they have been left behind and the controversy has been buried. Tomorrow the campaign of the new franchise game will debut, fans have been enjoying the multiplayer for weeks and it only remains to know more about the live-action series that will premiere on Paramount +. The best thing is that we are a few hours away from that happening and it is time to raise the hype.

A brief look at the live-action series of Halo

Next Thursday, December 9, The Game Awards 2021 will take place and in addition to the awards there will be many announcements. Being Xbox one of the main promoters of the event, along with the great moment that it lives Halo, the gala in honor of video games will be the perfect showcase to show the official trailer of the live-action series of Halo. Precisely, the official Paramount + account is already warming up engines for that night and through their official Twitter account they presented a brief preview of what we will see at the awards, reminding us that it will be there where the official presentation will take place.

The series of Halo It will debut sometime in 2022 and perhaps in the revelation of the official trailer at The Game Awards, the release date will be known, something that would not be strange since the event has managed to manage its public relations with important companies in the industry that have booked advertisements. important for that night.

Since we talked about Halo We remind you that in this link you can find all the information related to Halo Infiniteas well as our written review.

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