Thursday, May 26

Halo Infinite campaign cannot be pre-loaded: 30 GB will need to be downloaded

The campaign of Halo Infinite It cannot be preloaded despite the fact that since the beginning of September players have been able to download a preload that does not include all content. When the story is released today December 8 at 7:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) players will have to download at least almost 30 GB before they can play, even if they have the physical version of the title, and 343 Industries has apologized for it, reportedly Eurogamer.

Brian Jarrard, Community Manager of the developer company, wrote on Twitter this morning: “Although you cannot officially preload the Halo Infinite (sorry!), you can get ahead by installing the multiplayer part if you don’t have it yet to save a little time tomorrow. “

The campaign will be activated in Spain at 19:00 (12:00 CST and 15:00 BRT). Those who do not have the available preload installed will have to download 48.42 GB if you want the multiplayer and the campaign, or 26.53 GB to install multiplayer only; There is no option to install only the story mode, since as anticipated by the Steam, the program is constructed so that the campaign is a DLC of the main game.

We leave you next the installation sizes for those who have the beta installed multiplayer available from November 15:

  • Campaign installation: 25,86 GB
  • Multiplayer update: 3,97 GB
  • Total of both downloads: 29,83 GB

Those who have the game in physical format for Xbox Series X or Xbox One part of that installation will be saved, although it is not clear how much. The files contained in the Blu-ray add up to approximately 15 GB, so if there are no changes in these files, the download should be about 33 GB.

The series of Halo Will be shown at The Game Awards

In other news about the Master Chief saga, in The Game Awards 2021, the gala to be held at dawn from Thursday to Friday, we will see the first trailer of the live action series from Halo It will be released in 2022 on Paramount +, the subscription service that does not yet have a launch date in Spain.

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