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GTA Online will receive the Contract, an adventure with Franklin from GTA 5 and Dr. Dre

Rockstar Games has announced The Contract, a new adventure for Grand Theft Auto Online, the online mode of Grand Theft Auto V, which will be available for free on December 15. The plot rediscover the players with Franklin Clinton, one of the three protagonists of GTA 5, and with the rapper and producer Dr. Dre, than to release new musical themes within the game.

Since the Union Depository heist several years ago, the Los Santos hustler has set up the company F. Clinton and Partner, a “celebrity solutions agency” with which it offers services to the social elite from Vinewood. Aspiring cannabis mogul Lamar Davis will connect the player with Franklin to introduce him to the agency.

DJ Pooh, the host of the West Coast Classic radio station, has contacted Franklin to tell him about a potential client who can get the agency off the ground: Dr. Dre. its phone disappeared while going to Cayo Perico (the location of another great DLC introduced last year). The device is in the wrong hands and Contains Indian music from the rapper.

Rockstar promises that the new free add-on content will bring with it a radio station “eclectic” with “very special presenters”, “huge” updates to existing radio stations with Scores from Dr. Dre and “Top-Notch” Artists, in addition to additional agency work, new weapons (such as the Stun Gun and the Compact EMP Launcher), vehicles (such as the Dewbauchee Champion and the Enus Jubilee) and other content.

“Get ready for a mind-blowing new adventure through Los Santos,” reads the official Rockstar synopsis, “where you’ll explore from the perilous streets of the old Franklin neighborhood to the most exclusive parties in the city, from colossal mansions to FIB offices And everything in between, as you join Franklin, the hacker Imani, Chop and company to ensure that Dr. Dre’s issues are returned to their rightful owner. “

GTA Online: The Contract Dr. Dre y Franklin

The servers of GTA Online They close on December 16 on PS3 and Xbox 360

The developers will give more details of The Contract in the days leading up to the release on December 15th. Grand Theft Auto V is available on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store and Rockstar Launcher), PS4 and Xbox One; on December 16 they will close the servers of GTA Online on PS3 and Xbox 360. In March 2022 the versions for the latest generation of consoles, PS5 y Xbox Series X/S.

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