Monday, August 8

Gonzalo Plata causes a serious accident in Valladolid and doubles the alcohol rate

Lto fame with which he arrived Gonzalo silver to Real Valladolid a few months ago did not seem to square with that of happy player, and even discreet, that is seen in the day to day of the white and violet club. In Castilian lands, it is very surprising that Sporting de Portugal had put a purchase option of only 10 million euros on the player. In Valladolid, given his performance, this circumstance began to be posed. Until this December 8.

According to reports The North of Castilla and Real Valladolid has confirmed in an official statement, Plata suffered an accident on the night of this Wednesday in the center of Valladolid, between the streets Fray Luis de Len and Lpez Gmez at about o’clock. 6:45 in the morning.

Plata collided with a taxi driver and gave a rate of more than 0.60 in the corresponding breathalyzer control. You are being investigated for a crime against road safety following an incident that ended the taxi passenger getting fired from the car and the driver himself having to be taken out of the vehicle by the moon.

The 22-year-old footballer, like the taxi driver and the passenger who was occupying it, turned out to be slightly injured. In addition, according to the aforementioned media, the Ecuadorian attacker was driving a Mercedes of his property and He was accompanied by a Numancia player which did not suffer any damage after the collision.

Real Valladolid statement

Real Valladolid deplores the behavior of its player, Gonzalo Plata, who, according to the information received, this morning has suffered a traffic accident in the center of the city. Preserving the privacy of the player, the Club reserves the appropriate disciplinary measures, and opens the corresponding file when all the information is available. We also regret the injuries suffered by the people who have been involved in the accident, who, luckily and according to the information we have, are in good condition. Regardless of the individual responsibility of the player, and without prejudice to the measures that the Justice takes in this regard, the Internal Regulations and the Code of Conduct of the Club are strict to face this type of attitudes, undermining our values ​​as an institution.

We take this opportunity to remember the dangers of recklessness, consumption of alcohol, other substances, absentmindedness and, in short, driving without paying due attention and respect for the rules, as well as the unequivocal commitment of the Club to preserve its principles and values. elementals.

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