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Fortnite: PaVos and Club Fortnite went up in price in Mexico, Argentina and Chile | Levelup

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Fortnite: Battle Royale is premiering its Chapter 3 and the community is delighted with all its news. Sadly, not everything is honey on flakes for the Battle Royale players and it is that the prices of the PaVos and the Fortnite Club rose for the players of Mexico, Argentina, Chile and other countries.

Through a statement, Epic Games ad which, after the adjustments made in 2019, plan other modifications to the prices in Fortnite. Their goal is to make them “fairer” to players in supported regions in Fortnite. This results in a price increase of approximately 6% to 8% that will affect all V Coin packages and the Fortnite Club.

In the case of Mexico, the price of the 1,000 V-Buck lot was $ 154 MXN. Now players who are interested in this amount of coins to buy the Battle Pass or some cosmetic will have to pay $ 165 MXN. An increase of $ 11 MXN.

For its part, the monthly payment of Fortnite Crew, the subscription service of Fortnite, it was at $ 230 MXN. Now, this subscription will be offered in exchange for $ 249 MXN. This means that from this month you will get $ 19 MXN more expensive.

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It is worth mentioning that Epic Games will increase the price of the Technological Future, Frozen Legends and Polar Legends packages, but will do so until January 2022 or when they become available again.

Next, we leave you the new prices of Fortnite in different regions.

New Fortnite prices

It is worth mentioning that if your country or currency is not listed, then the price of V Coins in your region will remain the same.

What do you think about this new? Does the price increase bother you? Tell us in the comments.

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