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FFXIV: How To Get Glamor Prisms (And How They Work)

Glamor is the lifeblood of the stylish FFXIV community, and to engage with the game’s fashion trends, players will need plenty of Glamor Prisms.

Weather Final Fantasy XIVEngaging stories and characters are central to her appeal, Glamouring is what transcendentally embodies her fashion-driven community. The glamors are the transfigurations of Final Fantasy XIV, and Glamor Prisms are the items required to modify a player’s equipment. After, FFXIV Gamers who wish to design a distinct look for role-playing or fashion purposes will need many prisms of glamor to advance their endeavors. Before players learn how to put Glamor Prisms in FFXIV, they must first unlock the ability to use them.

To unlock the ability to use Glamor Prisms on FFXIV, players can speak to Swyrgeim at Western Thanalan at X: 12.6, Y: 14.3, or Wiscard at Mor Dhona at X: 22.1, Y: 6.7. Once their level 15 mission has been completed, players will be able to modify the appearance of their best team in Final Fantasy XIV. Quests will award players 12 Glamor Prisms to get started. However, this amount will not be enough for those players who want to change their outfit style frequently.

There are three main ways that players can get Glamor Prisms in Final Fantasy XIV. The first and easiest way is to buy from other players through the Market Board, and while this method is likely to be the most convenient, it is also the most expensive. Depending on the server, players may need more than tens of thousands of Gil, as merchants often sell prisms in bulk. However, if players can Gil farm in Final Fantasy XIV, getting Glamor Prisms from the Market Board shouldn’t be a problem.

Other ways to earn Glamor Prisms in Final Fantasy XIV

Another way to get Glamor Prisms FFXIV is buying them from one’s Great Company. After achieving the rank of Chief Sergeant, Glamor Prisms will be available to purchase for 200 Seals per prism. This option is an excellent option for those with additional Stamps to spend; However, players can purchase potentially more valuable items from their Great Company in Final Fantasy XIV, as rare craft supplies.

The third and most profitable method of obtaining Glamor Prisms is through crafting. To create a prism, players must complete the mission “Absolutely glamorous“of Swyrgeim the”Impossible submissionFrom Wiscard. While the materials required to make a Glamor Prism will vary between crafting jobs, each recipe requires a Clear Prism. Players obtain them from quests and dungeons, or they can conveniently purchase them from Tataroga in Mor Dhona at X: 22, Y: 7, or Goberin in Western Thanalan at X: 12, Y: 15 for 200 Gil each. Additionally, the Glamor Prism Master Recipe for each job must be purchased for 300 Gil from Tataroga or Goberin. Through crafting, players can have a less expensive stream of Glamor Prisms to transfigure their gear as often as they prefer.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam or the official Square Enix website.

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