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Chris Pratt Voices Mario in an Unofficial Super Mario Bros. Game | Levelup

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For some reason, Chris Pratt will be the one who will be in charge of playing Mario in the next animated film of Super Mario Bros. Although the actor stated that it is a dream come true and that he is working very hard on the project, it is undeniable that fans are skeptical and believe that the end result will be a disaster.

While we wait for an official trailer where we can finally hear the interpretation of most of the actors involved in the film, a fan wanted to get ahead and created a short fanmade game of Super Mario Bros. in which the sound effects were replaced by the unmistakable voice of the American actor.

The experience in question is named Chris Pratt is Super Mario and is available for web browsers. Here, players can complete the iconic level 1-1 of the first Super Mario Bros. of NES, but with the particularity that each jump and action of the plumber reproduces a unique line of dialogue of the American actor.

So be prepared to hear “jumping jacks” from Chris Pratt’s voice every time Mario performs a jump. The rest of the lines of dialogue, unsurprisingly, belong to past performances of the celebrity.

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In general, this short but curious title lacks a lot of polish. Despite being a simple recreation of the first level of Super Mario Bros., the controls feel clunky and there are a lot of bugs. There is no doubt that its author only wanted to make a joke.

But tell us, do you think Chris Pratt will do a good job as Mario? Let us read you in the comments.

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