Monday, August 8

Another crossover of Liga-RFEF communications for the project with CVC

LaLiga has offered this Wednesday a response to the RFEF statement in which it complained about the draft ‘LaLiga Impulso’. A few minutes later, the national tournament has explained the reasons why they see their idea legitimate and why they think the team is wrong. Luis Rubiales.

The entire LaLiga statement

Before the statement published by the RFEF from LaLiga we want to clarify that in the month of August the LaLiga Assembly adopted a series of agreements with the favorable vote of no less than 38 of the 42 LaLiga member clubs, a majority that is clearly legitimate for development of the project and it is the responsibility of the President of LaLiga to enforce the agreements adopted by the General Assembly.

We do not understand that the RFEF is against the social will of LaLiga, on an agreement that does not harm the RFEF in any way, rather the contrary if we take into account that with LaLiga Impulso, many clubs undertake improvements in their stadiums, which give more possibilities to the Spanish candidacy in the 2030 World Cup.

We reject any accusation of illegality of the Project and more so when it is made from an intentional ignorance. The RFEF has had the opportunity to consult all the information in which are the reports of recognized prestigious firms, Ura Menndez or Latham & Watkins advising CVC, which guarantee the legal solvency of the agreement.

On the other hand, the accusations about the alleged conditions of the clubs are equally unfounded and from the ignorance of the scope of the modifications of the economic control regulations duly approved by the competent bodies of LaLiga and based on valid, current and effective.

But in the middle of the afternoon the Federation has responded with another harsh statement that it has called “definitive answer”.

Final response from the RFEF

From the RFEF we regret the thoughtless reaction of the LNFP to our statement on the operation with CVC. As usual, the LNFP’s answer is empty, it lacks content that minimally counteracts what is explained from this Federation, which goes to demonstrate once again the clear illegality of a project that is harmful to all of Spanish football. For all but a few stakeholders:

– Mr. Tebas, who will benefit from a paid position by presiding over a new body external to the LNFP created jointly with CVC, for at least the next 7 years.

– The fund (CVC), which will find juicy benefits at the expense of Spanish football.

Meanwhile, the signing clubs / SADs will cease to receive a percentage of their television rights that greatly exceeds the credit received and which they must also return in full (in addition to losing the right to receive the aforementioned percentage).

In addition, clubs / SADs not belonging to 1 2 Division, are deprived of this percentage of which they are legitimately creditors at the time they access these divisions of our football.

The President of the LNFP, with his insistence, be responsible for the consequences arising from the illegalities presented in this agreement, together with the representatives of the clubs / SAD that support it.

Knowing the belligerence and eagerness of leadership of Mr. Tebas, and his more than probable answer, the RFEF advances that not to enter an absurd loop of communiqués and counter communiqués.

Our position is clear and we will insist wherever necessary on the illegalities that this nefarious agreement presents.

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