Tuesday, August 9

Afterimage, a hand-drawn 2D metroidvania, is coming to PC and consoles in 2022

If you are a lover of metroidvania, then you have to take note of this project: Afterimage, a 2D title drawn by hand and loaded with magic and fantasy that comes from the Aurogon Shanghai studio. This week we have learned that it will be available in Spain and around the world at late 2022, for platforms PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, y PC (Steam). So while you write down the date on your calendar, we leave you below with its first trailer, images and details.

Afterimage, a new metroidvania comes to town

A world of magic and fantasy awaits us behind the doors of Afterimage. Engardin is the name of the lands that we will have to travel in this adventure, created by one of the supreme gods: volcanoes, gorges, oceans, high towers … During our trip we will also meet all kinds of creatures– From giants who cut through lava to elves who inhabit underground labyrinths. “Come meet these new friends and discover their pasts and missions,” say the developers.

The Engardin is full of unknowns. As a brave adventurer, you will travel freely to understand the intertwined backgrounds and dramas coming from different regions “, they indicate in the description of the game.” You will discover the hidden stories, you will unravel the mysteries and you will reveal the true reality that hides behind “.

“The Engardin is full of unknowns”

The title invites us to develop our own fighting style, making use of a wide variety of weapons with special attacks and talents, which will allow us to adapt our character to our liking. Of course, we will also find powerful Bosses to challenge, and hundreds of chests waiting to be found.

A notable feature of the game is that each of its scenarios are drawn by hand by the Aurogon Shanghai art team. The objective is to offer users an immersive adventure in a semi-open world in the purest style of traditional metroidvanias. We remind you that Afterimage be available in late 2022 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC (Steam).


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