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A Real Madrid mattress maker out of love for his now deceased son

Aunque scar, a Madrileo based in Cceres, he is from Real Madrid “al 200%”, He is a member of the Atltico de Madrid for the love of his son, Pablo, “mattress also at 200%”, who He died a year ago in a car accident. Shortly before this past summer he arrivedrenewal of the subscription for the new season of his wife, Paloma, also “mattress”, but not that of Pablo. Months before, a call from the Shelf to the family home he alerted of the fatal accident of his son.

“I did not like the idea that his seat was occupied by an unknown person and I proposed that the family keep it,” he explains. Paloma In an interview. It was then that her husband, “of white heart “, decided to subscribe to the Metropolitan Wanda.

Until the death of Pablo, he and his mother were going to their soccer field. Atltico de Madrid without missing a single game. She had already been with her father and brother for more than 30 to. “Going to the soccer field was a gathering time for Pablo with his mother, her grandfather and with his Athletes“.” He sang, chanted, jumped … he was very happy, “he says. Paloma, who was told -when she was pregnant- to “give birth in the Caldern“.

A Scar Plaza and Paloma Mohedas, who have resided in Cceres for 21 years and where they run a tobacconist, the death of their son has left them a void that “it is still difficult for them to fill”, and it is faith, as they say, that gives them the ability to fight from day to day. They say that a child makes your life happy, but “can something good come out of his unexpected and tragic death?” they both wonder without hiding their answer: “many people -from the family environment- have realized the value of life.”

“All Pablo’s friends said that Atleti was going to win the 2020/21 League and that we would give a prize in the Christmas Lottery. “And so it was, the Atltico won the championship and they sold a tenth of the” Gordo “.

In their lottery administration they keep “like gold on cloth” the two seats of the old stadium Caldern that they occupied Pablo and his mother. In this frame of feelings, scar, now partner of the Atltico de Madrid, and Paloma lived another harsh world when they first came if their son to the Wanda Metropolitano coinciding with “a Atleti-Bara, the first without the restrictions “.

At the grave of Pablo there are always flowers, but also a red-and-white scarf and a drawing with the striped shirt and angel wings made by the cartoonist Jorge Crespo. “A son always leaves a mark on you and if on top of that he is affectionate and shows it to you, you miss him even more,” he says. Paloma.

It sustains both of them knowing that “one day we will meet again” with Pablo, because “we believe in God and in his infinite mercy”. “It makes me angry that they tell me that I am strong, because this does not come from me, it comes from heaven”, where her son is.

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