Thursday, June 30

Toni Kroos doubles in Europe




Toni Kroos missed the start of the season with a pubic injury. He took it easy, his plans were not about forcing and spending the season pending good or bad feelings. Until the machine was ready, the german did not return. And his turn was to play at a level altsimo. Since he entered Ancelotti’s roadmap to recover the three legend that he forms with Casemiro and Modric, Almost every German game has been a lesson in everything a midfielder should do.

To his domain of the game, something that is not new, Kroos score goals. The left foot to beat Handanovic, when it was Inter who most sniffed the goal, it is his second goal this season in the Champions League. Since he arrived in Madrid in the summer of 2014, it is the first time that two goals have appeared in his European locker. The target for Inter joins the great goal he scored in Tiraspol to make it 0-2 against the Sheriff.

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His European top is in the three he scored with Bayern in the 2012-13 season. Kroos is not a player with a great scoring contribution. With Madrid they add 25 goals (five in the Champions League) in 334 games, so if this campaign their distant shot finds a goalkeeper, Madrid will have one more weapon.

The goal from the second row is vital in a team in which it is clear that this facet is monopolized by Benzema and Vinicius. If Ancelotti is capable of adding his midfield to that field, stopping Madrid will be increasingly complicated because the opponent’s focus of attention will skyrocket.

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