Wednesday, August 17

This is the new Charizard figure for almost $ 1,000 • Console and Dashboard

Unique Art shows the world his latest work. It is nothing but a figure of Charizard valued at nearly $ 1,000. As we can see in the images, the quality of the figure is very high and it has all kinds of details. With such a high price, it couldn’t be less …


Again, one of the most admired Pokémon in the world will have a figure replica. Of course, for the moment, it will only be launched in Chinese territory. Borders are not the only drawback to get hold of it, but also the price, not suitable for a good part of the pockets.

A question that every Pokémon fan will ask (but that can be extrapolated to every figure collector) is how can it be worth so much. Getting hold of this figure may mean eating nothing but pasta and bread in a period of three to five months, so the joy of its presentation has been reduced, for many of us, to nothing.

The prize is incredible, but it’s 90 to 150 days with the rope around your neck. It will be necessary to see what reception it has in China, but what is clear is that an average fan will not be able to access this creation without sacrifices.

The third evolution of Charmander is surrounded by fire, with two flames coming out of its mouth. It has outstretched wings and a challenging position. Made of polyresin, it will be illuminated and weigh 20 kilos. His height: 74 centimeters. It is presented as a limited edition, which will reach the wealthiest households during the third quarter of 2022.


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