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This is the Amazfit GTS 3 watch

Amazfit has recently launched the GTS 3, an affordable price smartwatch that is integrated into the brand’s newest family. It stands out for having the Zepp operating system, as well as for adding improvements in functionality, thanks to the implementation of higher doses of intelligence in the device.

The system has been developed to facilitate exercise monitoring and analyze and manage achieved physical well-being. In this line, the new smartwatch includes functions to achieve a healthier life. Designed and developed under the premise of being light, attractive and practical, it allows easy and intuitive interaction, as well as lower energy consumption, compared to other previous solutions offered by the firm.

It works on Android and iOS devices, and connects to health platforms such as Apple Health or Google Fit, to synchronize health data, and Strava, Relive, Runkeeper and TrainingPeaks to synchronize and share the sessions collected by the device.

Outstanding features

Remarkable customization: It has more than 150 spheres, dynamic effects and animations. It also has the ability to put personal photos, design your own spheres and applets with a development kit.

Simple operation: It has the ability to check four health metrics in one touch thanks to the built-in 6PD BioTrackerTM PPG 3.0 (photodiodes), which measures heart rate, blood oxygen, stress level and respiratory rate, in 45 seconds.

Complete monitoring: Control the heart rate throughout the day, and in any type of exercise. With abnormally high or low heart rate alerts. It provides data on health and well-being at the moment, and accumulates those of the last seven days.

Rest Tracking: Monitor light, deep and REM sleep phases, waking hours at night, daytime naps of more than 20 minutes, and even the quality of breathing.

Advanced menstrual cycle tracking: Record the dates of the menstrual period and its duration. Provides data on fertile periods in women.

Screens: Provides quick access and customizing applications and cards.

Voice control: Includes Alexa, allowing you to set alarms, ask questions and use the voice assistant offline to activate a sport mode or health function, or even access Home Connect to control smart home devices. In this sense, it has an ecosystem of more than 10 mini-applications.

Accurate GPS: It has a precise location system thanks to its five-satellite system.

Motivation Tools: Makes it easy to record user marks with the optional Virtual Pacer, and encourages optimization of progress and recovery with the PeakBeats performance algorithm.

Daily administration tools: Management of message notifications, sedentary and drinking water reminders, calendar, events and task lists, weather forecasts, remote control of the camera via Bluetooth, among other possibilities.

Technical aspects

Provides a square AMOLED ultra HD screen of 1.75 inches and 341 ppi. The GTS 3 is one of the smartwatches thinnest and lightest on the market, but with an optimal screen-to-body ratio of 72.4%.

“This new generation of watches fulfills Zepp’s premise of making health management smart and easy, as well as connecting health with technology to lead a healthy lifestyle. The GTS 3 is built to encourage the & rdquor; movement. , has reported Wayne Huang, CEO and founder of Zepp Health.

Mobile app

Zepp’s dedicated mobile app has additional tips and new features to help you achieve your goals.


The GTS 3 is launched at a price of 149.99 euros.


Screen size, 1.75 & rdquor; (square)

Resolution type, AMOLED Ultra HD

Screen-to-body ratio, 72.4%

Resolution, 341 ppi

Battery (standard use) 250 mAh (12 days)

Peso 24.4г

Sport modes, 150+

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Classic navigation crown. Yes

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