Wednesday, August 17

That that Madrid does not give to win the Champions …

El Real Madrid He got rid of Inter Milan with another game more than convincing. 2-0 for the whites, who resisted against a great Inter at the start of the game and ended up overwhelming. The whites go with airplanes and are performing outstandingly individually and collectively. If last year they reached the semifinals, in this they can dream of anything.

Champions League (Day 6): Summary and goals of Real Madrid 2-0 Inter

Madrid is first in the group and takes away most of the greats in the hype next Monday, so it is all good news for a team that is being masterfully managed by Carlo Ancelotti, who can only be hit by rotations. The results, for now, come, and if you do not drop the equipment physically, The thing looks very good.

Ancelotti’s work

Madrid is already in the round of 16 and as first in the group. 15 points out of 18 in a first phase in which only the incomprehensible stumble against the Sheriff generated some doubts in his favorite competition. Madrid is on the right track, which has been hearing all season that it can give it for LaLiga, but not for the Champions League, but that it is competing like a charm in all competitions. Against Inter, a rival as God intended, signed a great match, with moments in which he suffered and others in which he overwhelmed his rival. In the end he won 1-0 but had chances for more.

If he reached the semifinals last season, nothing can be ruled out this season. It has the best goalkeeper in the world, a pair of impressive centrals, a Casemiro, Kroos and Modric living another youth and a world star like Vinicius. Arguments to believe, there are.

Jovic finally smiles

He didn’t score, but he left the field happy 13 minutes from time. Luka Jovic seems to have finally got on the Madrid train, as if the match against Real had marked a before and after in his career. He repeated in the eleven and almost everything he did well. He lacked a bit of precision in a one-on-one with Handanovic, who he could not beat after hitting the ball overhead, but he signed a very complete match and was applauded by him. It’s gray. It seems that Madrid finally has a substitute for Benzema.

What is asked of Asensio

Sali Marco Asensio to play the last 13 minutes and at 30 seconds he was already celebrating a goal. Or rather, a great goal. It is what is asked of Asensio, take a risk. Let him play it one-on-one and in the shot. This time, the first time he had, he did not think about it and threw a whip at the squad that touched the post before kissing the net. Great goal from one of the best left-handers they have seen in the It’s gray in the last few years, but that has not finished imposing itself. Let’s see if goals like this are encouraged.

The best version of Kroos? Surely

After overcoming a major pubic injury, Kroos is offering a spectacular level. It is very difficult to play football better than he is doing and if on top of his game he adds punch … Against Inter he rescued his team with a left foot that calmed the momentum of the Italians. If his physique holds up all season, Madrid can dream of great things this season. Because when Kroos plays it becomes difficult to imagine a defeat for your team.

Militao, chanted by Bernabu

The Brazilian has put the Bernabu in his pocket. Another great match with Alaba, full of concentration, strength and intelligence. He is outmatched by practically no one and drives his rivals to despair. Barella ended up unleashing a punch that earned him a direct red card. Nobody remembers two myths like Ramos O Early.

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