Tuesday, January 18

Sony presents a prototype VR headset with 8K resolution and OLED microscreens

Sony has celebrated its Technology Day, a day that the company takes advantage of to present some of the technological advances that it currently has in development. One of these novelties has to do with virtual reality, since a prototype of headset VR able to reproduce a 8K resolution thanks to 4K ultra-high definition OLED micro-displays that are barely an inch in size: “It has more than twice the pixels of OLEDs in smartphones and the size of the panel is reduced to almost 1/20”, explain those responsible for the prototype in the vdeo which you can see below:

This is not the first headset VR 8K that exists, in fact there are already some for sale, but from Sony they consider that with this technology in the process of development may reduce both the physical size of the device and the latencya of the material that is reproduced, thus resulting in a more comfortable way of playing that avoids dizziness in people prone to it.

Virtual reality beyond the video game

“Our goal is to make head-mounted displays smaller, lighter and ultra-high resolution“Explain those responsible, who also seek new uses for this type of device beyond the video game:” Ultimately we would like to create an amazing sensation of immersion for collaboration and remote exchange. (…) Create spaces for people to interact through the network “, something for which they have already moved token.

Although this prototype is not exclusively oriented to the video game, the truth is that even in the video we can see an example of how it would be compatible with VR titles. Unlike Xbox, PlayStation continues to support this technology and in fact we are waiting to learn more about the game. new headset from PS VR to PS5, a new generation of the one we already saw on PS4 and of which only the controls have been shown at the moment. There is no official confirmation of its release date, but it is expected that it could hit stores by the end of next year.


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