Sunday, January 16

Red Bull and Mercedes, united in something: they feel persecuted




¿Victimism? Tactic to put pressure on the judges? Attack on rivals? Probably a bit of all that and more is in the statements of the drivers and leaders of Red Bull and Mercedes after the race in Saudi Arabia, and later, to prepare the ground for the final and decisive event in Abu Dhabi.

The Germans unleashed their first hot ‘volley’, even before Verstappen’s 10-second penalty. “There are the same rules for all but one“he went on to say Lewis Hamilton. Toto Wolff, the CEO of the team, supported him and warned Yas Marina. “The Jeddah race has already had enough impact, I hope you learn from it and that is applied in Abu Dhabi. I think that similar piloting, if it were considered by the stewards as excessive, would probably also be penalized in Abu Dhabi, and that could end in a difficult situation for everyone. And I don’t think the championship deserves a result influenced by an accident. In that case, I have great confidence in the self-regulation system, “he said, warning of a clash between the two.


At Red Bull they have gone further after punishing the leader of the competition. “Echo de menos a Charlie Whitting“he went on to say Christian Horner, the team leader, to criticize Michael Masi, the current race director. “It shouldn’t instruct teams on what to do,” he added.

Helmut Marko, the advisor, was, as always, less diplomatic. “If Max drives hard against Hamilton, then it is a penalty; if Hamilton takes him off the track, it is apparently a minor foul. This can not go on like this“it launched on Servus TV. It was then explained … with another caveat.” So the criteria seem to be handled a little differently. But we will review everything from time to time and then we will go to the stewards with the appropriate arguments. We only accept that. I don’t mean to say they are arbitrary, but at least we decided to do it differently. If not, we do not accept it, “he said.

Until Honda, Red Bull’s motorist, normally low-key in his words, was critical. “Bottas left a lot of room for Hamilton during the first safety car. I think it’s the kind of thing that has to be discussed and possibly sanctioned · Tanabe launched in Motorsport.

It seems that in what remains until Yas Marina’s career, statements of this type will continue to be produced. The atmosphere is heated and will go to more.

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