Thursday, June 30

Psychological thriller Aftermath announced • Console and Dashboard

ONE-O-ONE Games announces, together with META Publishing, its new creation. With the name of Aftermath, propose a mix between action and adventure in which we will have to defend ourselves from strange beings that have taken control of the city. The real and the psychological will play against us.


Aftermath marks the return of the sensation that any of the games of Alien. And it is inspired by Alien: Covenant, as those responsible claim. We will take control of Charlie Gray, a talented and successful engineer and astronaut from Europe.

On a mission, a disaster has struck and now all her fame and glory are of no use to her as she finds herself isolated in a desert world. His life is in danger. Philosophical questions, such as what is the position to be adopted by the human being when he is in an extreme situation, are a constant.

In addition, the psychological aspect prevails, which is already vital in our lives. Finding ourselves alone on a planet, with darkness hanging over our heads and our spirits, we come to wonder if the enemies are real or not.

At the moment, no specific release date has been set. We know that it will arrive on PC, through GOG, Epic Games Store and Steam. It will also be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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