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Popular Streamer Staryuuki Launches VTuber YuukiVT And It Is A Success On Her Debut | Levelup

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The VTuber phenomenon is here to stay and more and more virtual characters are making videos. Well, this trend is not only from Japan, but there are VTubers of many nationalities. Today was precisely the debut of a VTuber of a popular Latin American streamer.

We are talking about Staryuuki, a Cuban streamer who resides in the United States and who has taken off in popularity in recent years after her debut in 2017. Currently, the young woman has more than 9 million followers on TikTok, more than 5.8 million followers on Instagram and more than 2.2 million followers on Twitch.

The streamer today carried out a transmission of several hours in which she revealed YuukiVT, a VTuber or virtual youtuber, that they are basically animated characters that make videos and that match the emotions and voice of a human; in this case, Staryuuki will give him his voice.

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Meet YuukiVT, the new VTuber sensation

According to official information, YuukiVT is a rex bunny who is 16 years old, is 1.60 m tall and is from Japan, but don’t worry, you can understand her perfectly because her streams are in Spanish. YuukiVT likes carrots, bananas, and pineapple pizza, as well as playing video games, and hates turnips and an empty stomach.

Staryuuki explains that this was a multi-month project. YuukiVT was designed by kurokanin and everything related to animation was done by iron_vertex.

YuukiVT’s debut was very successful. The reveal was made a few hours ago and it was a long time before the words VTuber and StaryuukiVT were trending on Twitter.

Although the conceptual idea of ​​the VTubers was born long before (that a fictional character made videos as if it were real), the character with whom the coinage of the term became official was with Kizuna AI, the first VTuber, which debuted at the end in 2016 and that helped this new way of generating video content reach more audience. Today it is something very popular and more and more virtual characters have hundreds of thousands of followers and we do not doubt that YuukiVT will join them. Then we leave you with his presentation stream.

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