Tuesday, August 16

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, says he ‘does not waste energy’ in the console war

Phil Spencer, jefe de Xbox, has already made it clear on one occasion or another that don’t believe in console warfare, however in a new interview with Edge Magazine They have asked him again about this issue, noting whether he considers that this conflict between companies continues to exist and whether he believes that the company he directs is engaged in that battle. The manager’s response has been clear: does not want to “waste energy” on those issues.

Specifically, Spencer has responded that he has no interest in reducing the importance of other companies to increase the Xbox one: “I don’t spend energy making other platforms smaller so that Xbox is bigger. I’m more interested in the growing pie of video games than in eating other people’s piece of cake, “he ditches the conversation.

The console war “doesn’t help the industry grow”

That perspective not only remains in words, but translates into a policy that directly affects the players: “And that’s why we focus on things like the game and cross progress“, explains the head of Xbox, and continues:” I think of scenarios in which maybe you and I can not play together and it should not be because we buy different consoles. That doesn’t help the industry grow, when we put artificial barriers in that kind of thing. “

Of course, Spencer is also aware that not everyone has that vision of the industry and there are companies that do not make the same decisions: “If that means that we are doing something different from others, you should ask them. In our case, I would say that it is not about making someone smaller so that we can grow “, he concludes.

Phil Spencer’s new statements coincide with comments like the ones he made at the end of last year in which he even went so far as to say that console warfare is the only thing that could get him out of the industry, cataloging that way of thinking as “tribalism” that he considers “repellent”.


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