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Nintendo suffers setback in Germany due to controversy over refunds in the eShop | Levelup

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In general, Nintendo comes out triumphant in its legal matters, so when it suffers a setback it makes more noise and this time the Japanese company will have to continue facing the authorities of Germany, a country where it has registered everything related to its business to Europe. The foregoing after the complaint of the German Consumer Protection Authority about its cancellation policies for presales and refunds for the consumer.

Nintendo doesn’t always get away with the law

According to information from, Nintendo of Europe has suffered a defeat in a German Court before the German Consumer Protection Authority, who disagreed with the current Switch eShop policy that offers the ability to cancel a pre-sale and request a refund as long as no there is less than 7 days until the launch of a game.

This setback has a history of controversy between the German authority and Nintendo – in fact Valve, EA and Sony were also in the spotlight – dating back to 2018 when the Japanese company was brought before the Court for its non-existent, at that time, policies cancellation and refund. Given that the European country significantly protects the consumer and their rights, Nintendo had no choice but to update its policies and offered the option to cancel and ask for the money back with the limitation of the 7 days prior to the debut.

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German authorities continue to pressure Nintendo for its refund policies

Unfortunately, for Nintendo, this is also not correct from the perspective of the German Consumer Protection Authority, an entity that considered that it is something that goes against the consumer since they do not have the opportunity to try a game, so there is no way to know whether or not it is to your liking and if it has enough elements to be considered a product that may be available on the market.

The German Court ruled in favor of the German Consumer Protection Authority and Nintendo will now need to review the legal remedies available to it to object, request a review, or else it will have to make changes to the eShop again.

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