Tuesday, January 18

Moon Studios, creators of Ori, explain why their next game will not be published by Xbox

In July of this year Private Division announced a publishing agreement with several independent studios including Moon Studios, responsible for the saga or. Both companies are collaborating on a new RPG about which we hardly know anything other than not being a new installment of the popular metroidvania. Today Thomas mahler, director of the developer, has explained why this new project will not have the Xbox edition as if they did the two previous jobs of the company.

Mahler has explained his position in a ResetEra forum comment in which he was commenting on the recent statements of Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, in which he admitted to believe that currently could have held bungie. For the director of Moon Studios these words are far from reality, since he considers that those responsible for Destiny They wanted to get out of the Microsoft fence to be able to create a platform without exclusivities, something that could not have happened had they stayed on Xbox.

Why isn’t the new Moon Studios game released on Xbox?

“This It is also one of the main reasons we decided to make our next game with Private Division. instead of Microsoft. We have always had so many players saying they love or, but they hate not being able to play it on PlayStation. Well why not? Well, because it was financed by Microsoft and they make the decisions, “explains Mahler in his comment, in which he also points out that at least they managed to get Microsoft to allow them to carry Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps to Nintendo Switch, but what “it wasn’t free” and that he thinks the company accepted it because it was a small game.

Moon Studios wants to maintain the maximum degree of freedom in its next project because it is somewhat more ambitious than the previous ones: “Our next game has a great vision in which we want everyone to be able to play together, on all systems, where Moon owns the platform and the IP and we can steer him in the best direction to hopefully make as many people happy as possible without having to tell some of them they are out of luck because of business. “

In addition, Thomas Mahler has charged against the console war in his comment: “I think players don’t necessarily care about the business side behind it all, they just want to play games that make them happy. And by creating a walled garden, you are directly or indirectly just throwing firewood into the fire. hooligans of the platform war that only wants to see some win and others fail “.

Precisely these words come the same day that Phil Spencer himself has also criticized the console war, ensuring that the industry does not grow with artificial barriers, something that is also reflected in the words of the director of Moon Studios: “Your goal as responsible for a platform should be that these games play better on your hardware, not that you force people to buy your hardware because you are creating an artificial barrier for other players who couldn’t afford to buy the system. “And he ended on a hopeful note:” I hope I live long enough to see the industry embrace this kind of openness. “


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