Sunday, December 4

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered to Receive Two Free Spider-Man: No Way Home Suits

Spider-Man: No Way Home It is already one of the most anticipated films in history, having swept the box office before even being released, becoming one of the films that has ever sold the most anticipated tickets, something normal if we take into account his promise to face Tom Holland’s Peter Parker with a cast of iconic villains, some from other cinematic universes.

Two new outfits for the PS5 version

How could it be otherwise Insomniac Games has announced that Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered receive two new costumes inspired by this movie, a new content that we can download through a free update that will be released next December 10. At the moment, we do not know if they will bring new powers with them (something unlikely considering the precedents with costumes like the one from the Sam Raimi trilogue) and most likely they will be unlocked directly in the game once we install the patch.

Something that should be emphasized is that These two new skins will only be available in the PS5 remastering, so the original version of PS4 will not be updated to receive them. And yes, the only way to acquire this remastering is still to buy the Ultimate Edition from Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

One of the most acclaimed superhero video games

Marvel’s Spider-Man is an acclaimed and successful game developed by Insomniac Games that was originally released on PlayStation 4, although last year it received a remastering for PS5 that included all kinds of graphics, visual and performance improvements. Is about an action adventure and open world in which we will have to swing through the streets of New York helping its citizens and stopping the plans of some of the most popular villains in the arachnid universe. In case you already have it, We invite you to take a look at our complete guide to discover even the last of its secrets.

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