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Is Xbox Game Pass profitable? Phil Spencer has a message for those who say no | Levelup

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Xbox Game Pass delivers a ton of benefits to gamers. So many that even at times it seems too good to be true in a world where we have been used to paying $ 60 USD for first-run games for years. So many doubts that it can be profitable, but Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has a message for all of them.

In a recent interview with Edge Magazine, Phil Spencer talked about Xbox Game Pass and what its business model represents. The Xbox executive made it clear that Game Pass represents a continuous source of income that is very important to them, along with the upsurge in earnings they generate with launches.

“Subscriptions give you a good continuous source of income. That’s important for any business alongside the spikes you find at certain store launches, Spencer said.

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Later on, Spencer made it clear that this is why Xbox Game Pass isn’t the only thing Xbox cares about: “This is why I say it should be a mix of things. Not about one beating the other. The business does not depend on a single number. The number of store sales; the number of consoles; using Windows, using Game Pass, using xCloud… it’s all about those things together, ”he said.

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Spencer had already said that Game Pass is sustainable

Remember that this is not the first time that Phil Spencer has talked about the importance of Xbox Game Pass in Xbox finances. He made it clear long ago that this is a sustainable service and I invite people to do the math.

“They could do the math on Game Pass. I guess you don’t know how many subscribers we have or how much each of them is paying, but you can take good information and literally just do the math on what we think Game Pass might eventually be. and it has a place in a part of the business. But, absolutely, Game Pass is sustainable, “Spencer said in an interview with Axios. “It is not the only thing that is growing in Xbox. It is not the only focus of the division, and as a standalone it is very sustainable as it stands today. I know there are many people who like to write that we are burning money right now for a future with gold in the end. No, Game Pass is sustainable at the moment, as it is and continues to grow. “

And you, what do you think about the Xbox Game Pass situation? Do you think it will be a central part of Xbox for many more years? Tell us in the comments.

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that, in exchange for a monthly fee, gives you access to a catalog of games for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. You can learn more about what this service offers by clicking here.

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