Wednesday, January 26

Imagine what God of War would be like in the JRPG style of the first PlayStation

We see more and more demakes of videogames like The Last of Us O Halo Infinite, and even some playable like Resident Evil 4 or the expected Bloodborne, both in the style of the first PlayStation. Today it was the turn of God of War, the magnificent first installment of the Nordic saga of Kratos originally published in 2018 for PS4 but which will soon arrive on PC with graphics and resolution improvements.

Those responsible for this adaptation have done the opposite of what Santa Monica Studio intends to do with the version of God of War for computers: instead of betting on 4K resolution and DLSS they have preferred to reimagine what the adventure of Kratos and Atreus would be like if it had been released on the first PlayStation, but with a different twist that changes the direct action style of the original game for a turn-based combat that makes it look like a JRPG from the time, overhead perspective included.

As you can see, the turn-based combat style suits the saga great. God of War although it is in the antipodes of the premise of the original game. It is also worthy of praise the work that these fans have done recreating this installment in pixel art with an aerial perspective without losing any of that spectacularity by which we recognize Kratos’ last game.

Ms God of War next year

Unfortunately this demake It is not intended to be played, but is rather a conceptual animation that invites us to imagine what it would have been like. God of War if it had been released on the first PlayStation with this peculiar style of play. Yes, fans of the saga do not have to worry, since 2022 is postulated as the year of God of War: the first installment will arrive on PC on January 14, in just over a month, and God of War: Ragnarok It is also scheduled to arrive on PS5 and PS4 in the coming year., although it does not yet have a final release date.

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