Wednesday, August 17

Halo Infinite: Fly over a large part of the huge map with this curious trick

Halo Infinite has yet to be officially released, though that hasn’t stopped some players are already trying to do all kinds of crazy things both in the single player campaign and in its multiplayer. Not surprisingly, a few days ago we brought you a curious viral video of the latter in which a user eliminates 23 players lined up with a single shot.

Flying through Zeta Halo in a Warthog

Now, the youtuber Mint Blitz, who has already had access to the campaign, has not hesitated to experiment with the possibilities of the game in its single player mode and has managed to make a video viral in which he shows us how the entire map is traversed from end to end with a curious transport system.

To do this, Blitz uses three things: a hammer, a warthog and a hook. The method is fairly straightforward, as all you do is hit the Warthog with the hammer to send it flying and quickly latch onto the vehicle with the hook. In this way, the content creator stands on top of the car and flies through much of Zeta Halo until landing on a gigantic tower, a feat that will probably remind you of the adventures of many players with the physics system of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Halo come back in style

As you already know, the campaign of Halo Infinite launches tomorrow on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S (whose physical edition requires an internet connection to be installed), while multiplayer is now available for free for everyone. In the analysis that we dedicate to him in Vandal We commented that it is “a great product with a bright future that honors Microsoft’s flagship and that we can recommend without the slightest bit shaking our pulse.”

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