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Fortnite: Chapter 3 broke record and became the most successful launch | Levelup

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Epic Games launched last Sunday the new season that marked the beginning of Chapter 3 of Fortnite. This premiere was something unusual, since it took place on a Sunday, something that does not happen normally, but apparently the movement was not negative for the game; on the contrary, it had the best premiere in its history.

After a fantastic closing event and several hours of maintenance, Fortnite welcomed players with Season 1 of Chapter 3, which brought many new features to the island, such as a new map, new game mechanics, and a lot of cosmetic content, such as Spider-Man suits.

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The start of the new season and the new chapter caused so much expectation that as soon as they were available, errors and problems with starting games were reported. It didn’t take long for Epic Games to acknowledge the issues and offer more details about them.

The company was surprised by this great response, as the number of players who joined to play Chapter 3 had never been seen at the start of a season in the entire history of Battle Royale, which was released in 2017.

Fortnite keep breaking popularity records

This made the debut of the new season the most successful launch and means that it would have broken the record that Season 1 of Chapter 2 set, which gave a lot to talk about and which fans were looking forward to. Epic Games did not offer the exact number of players, but did say that it was working to offer a better experience for the millions of players who joined.

As a consequence, players who managed to connect and wait for the creation of a game had to queue for several minutes before being able to start playing, something that is not unusual in other games, but that had not been seen in this title and was uncomfortable to some.

Fortunately, the servers appeared to be decongesting and the problems disappeared shortly after, making it possible to play without spending a lot of time on matchmaking.

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What do you think of the great success of Season 1 of Chapter 3? What do you think it was due to? Tell us in the comments.

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