Thursday, May 26

Dr DisRespect breaks ties with the Esports Awards | Levelup

One of the biggest streamers in the world is upset with the Esports Awards. Dr Disrespect recently revealed that he doesn’t want to be tied in the slightest with the ceremony from now on. The reason? The Doc was nominated for Streamer of the Year, but was unable to even appear at the event due to Twitch guidelines.

The Esports Awards are a show that honors the stars of esports. It is a showcase for professional players, coaches, commentators and streamers; however, this year the organizers decided to censor the image of Dr Disrespect because he has been banned.

All of the nominated streamers had long segments showing their highlights. Everyone except Dr Disrespect who only appeared in a couple of clips with no audio. The Twitch regulations state that no channel can give exposure to banned people. But according to Doc, this is an awards ceremony and if he’s going to be a part of it, they should have given him the same respect as everyone else.

Dr. Disrespect shared his annoyance during a recent broadcast, when a viewer asked him if he had received any awards. “We had a good run with the Esports Awards. After this, from this point on, don’t even mention the Doc. Don’t even talk about me on social media, don’t do anything. The first year they completely abandoned me. And this year … “

While the Esports Awards have legitimate reasons to adhere to Twitch’s rules, the Doc feels his handling of the situation was an insult. In that sense, it is likely that we will not see it again at the ceremony, even if it is broadcast via YouTube, Facebook or TikTok.

The popular streamer said months ago that he planned to sue the platform, but there has been no news about it since. For now, the war between Dr Disrespect and Twitch has a new chapter.

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