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Do you want to repeat Halo Infinite missions? You will not be able to in the same game | Levelup

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We are a few hours away from the formal debut of Halo Infinite And just like in the run-up to major games, reviews and details are already circulating around the world. This has allowed us to know a lot about what awaits us, pros and cons, and this time we have information that would remain in the second section as it is something that will not go down well for those who like to play a mission again in the same game.

You will have to start a new game if you want to relive missions in Halo Infinite

According to different reports, the missions of Halo Infinite, the end of which marks the beginning of the experience in the semi-open world of the game, they cannot be played again in the same game. This detail has been surprising because in previous installments of the franchise it was possible to return to the missions to complete what was left pending or simply for fun in case the experience was very fun or memorable for the player.

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However, in Halo Infinite This is not the case and a Microsoft representative confirmed to Polygon the following: “the postgame gives you the option to continue exploring the wider environment, but for missions like the first 2, where you are not in the ring yet, you cannot replay from the same save file. You will be able to get any FOB, objectives and audio logs remaining, but main story missions will not be repeated. “

Since we talked about Halo Infinite, we tell you that someone has already taken care of doing their thing in the game and discovered how to skip half a map with a single movement, likewise, multiplayer enthusiasts did the same by discovering 14 hidden modes in the PC version.

Halo Infinite It will debut on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC, in addition to Xbox Game Pass, on December 8 and in this link you will find all the related information, as well as our written review.

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