Saturday, January 22

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and Central Fiction will get rollback next year

Good news for regular gamers of BlazBlue: Arc System Works has announced that both BlazBlue: Central Fiction What BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle will receive next year an important update that will implement a network code type rollback that will allow us to enjoy our online games much better.

Being a little more specific, today there will be some tests to test this change in the network code of the let the PC from BlazBlue: Central Fiction, although not reaching the final game definitively until February 2022. Regarding BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, the update will be performed both in PC as on PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, we do not have a specific date and we only know that it will arrive sometime next year.

Rollback, the online future of fighting games

Network type codes rollback have become the most popular and demanded among fighting game players, since they allow us to enjoy much more fluid games that simulate with greater precision the feeling of playing locally. This is something that is achieved through a system that predicts the opponent’s actions before they take them and that corrects frames in real time almost without us noticing, so there is nothing to affect the performance of our most complex combos.

One of the most recent and acclaimed examples of all this we have in Guilty Gear: Strive, also from Arc System Works, one of the fighting games with the best network code ever made and with which we have been able to compete even against rivals from other continents without suffering major problems.

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