Wednesday, August 17

“Atleti, to pass or not to pass, cholismo or not cholismo, civil war or necessary peace”

The Atltico de Madrid not only plays the pass to the knockout stages of the Champions League. Much more is played. They are 5 days to decide if the year continues for the mattresses or a period of cold war is born between the cholistas and the non-believing Attica. And that is much more than three points or an eighth of the Champions League, that’s either peace or war and we already know how war conflicts always end.

There is a breeding ground in the mattress hobby, a kind of division that grows with the passing of the weeks and that begins to be very uncomfortable in the team environment. Or are you Cholista, one of those who believe in the script marked by Simeone no matter what happens, win or lose, or are you anti athletic for thinking that Cholo, being the best coach in history, is failing this course.

It gives the feeling that Simeone is … either the one who wins or the one who never loses. He is responsible for the successes but he must also be responsible for the failures and to be left out of the group stage would be a very big one.

I don’t know of any Attic who wants Simeone to leave. To nobody. I know I know mattresses who they want Cholo to evolve, change, adapt and make football more attractive, more in line with the quality of your squad.

Tonight the Attic must win. For quality and experience. Even by coach. If the mattresses save the match ball, the analysis must be the same, the team must improve a lot. If you do not manage to reach second place, a difficult time will be born, of doubts and in which we will go from saying that: “Hang up you, not you.” A … “It’s not you, it’s me” or “I love you so much that I love you badly …”

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