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Amazon goes down and thousands of users report problems | Levelup

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It seems like today is not a good day to be Jeff Bezos. Well, looking at your heritage you may never have a bad day, but it sure is one that you would rather have been different. What happens is that Amazon, its famous and successful online store, went down and users report problems.

What happens is that, in the last hours, several users have reported having problems with Amazon. This is a situation that extends to different company services, so there are some who cannot enter the store; others who see their attempts to see frustrated Evangelion on Amazon Prime Video and some who feel like Alexa ghosted them after asking her to be her girlfriend.

According to Downdetector, The problems began around 11:00 AM, Mexico City time, on the morning of December 7. Although it seems that the complaints have been diminishing with the passage of time, some users still have problems using their services.

Sad Tuesday for Amazon

Although Amazon has not said much about it, it seems that the origin of the problems comes from an error in the Amazon Web Services servers. These are the servers with which Amazon allows its online services and that of other companies to operate. This is why the situation has also affected League of Legends, VALORANT and many others.

It is important to note that this problem does not appear to be widespread. So, there is a possibility that you can enter Amazon and Prime Video without any problem. So don’t panic before seeing if this affects you or not. That said, that also does not mean that the situation has caused headaches to more than one.

What do you think about this new? Are you having trouble accessing Amazon or any of its services? Tell us in the comments.

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