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10 not-so-subtle clues that the Kingpin is the big baddie in Hawkeye

Fans have been clamoring for Kingpin from the Daredevil Netflix series to join the MCU, and there are plenty of clues that he is Hawkeye’s big bad.

Warning: this list contains spoilers for the first three episodes of Hawkeye

Fans have been clamoring for Kingpin to join the MCU and for Vincent D’Onofrio’s Reckless Netflix series to reprise his role. It seems that they can get his wish, as there are many clues that he is the great evil of the Hawkeye streaming series. The clues range from nods to the comics to what appears to be a veritable cameo in episode three of the new series.

Kingpin is one of Spider-Man’s greatest villains, but he has strong connections to the criminal underworld of Marvel Comics. The underworld is coming to the fore in the MCU in a big way in Hawkeye, and it appears the show is positioning the Kingpin in his traditional role as the head of the serpent in New York City and probably beyond with some major teasing in the new series.

The presidential hotel

The auction’s location in the MCU is a major hint that Kingpin is the big bad of Hawkeye. Kate Bishop goes to the Presidential Hotel on Manhattan’s Upper East Side to meet her mother Eleanor and her fiancee, Jack. On Netflix season 3 Reckless series, Kingpin is relocated to The Presidential Hotel after agreeing to cooperate with authorities.

It’s quite possible it’s still based there on the MCU. The auction takes place in number 4 of 2011 Hawkeye series by writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja, but is actually set in Madripoor, one of the most important fictional countries in Marvel Comics. Although Kingpin does not appear in the auction in the MCU series, Tracksuit Mafia attacks the auction, perhaps on the orders of the supervillain.


One of the biggest pieces of evidence in favor of the Kingpin is the presence of the Echo. In the comics, Maya López is the adopted daughter of the Kingpin and one of his main enforcers. Given his prominence in the story and other clues within the series, it seems likely that this hasn’t changed for the MCU.

Longtime comic book fans know that the Kingpin adopted Echo after the death of his father, who was one of his subordinates. While the circumstances of his father’s death have changed in the MCU, his family connections may not have.

Kazi the clown

There are some important differences between Hawkeye comics and the show, but one of the constants is the connection between Tracksuit Mafia and Kazi The Clown. Comic book fans know that Kazi has worked for the Kingpin in the past. In the streaming series, he makes references to Maya’s ‘uncle’, a figure fans glimpse in episode three.

The series makes repeated references to its leader in the first three episodes, without naming them. It’s a clear setup for someone important, and other clues point to the Kingpin being the man behind the curtain.

The death of Echo’s father

Echo is an enforcer for the Kingpin in the comics, but he actually killed his father himself. In the MCU, it’s Ronin. Ronin’s involvement would seem to exclude the Kingpin, but it is Kazi’s reference to Maya’s uncle in episode three that provides another clue to his role in the series.

Kazi suggests that Maya’s uncle is unhappy with what the gang is doing regarding Ronin, and that could be because the Kingpin is behind Maya’s father’s death. He could have asked Ronin to do so, with Clint thinking at the time that Wilson Fisk was reformed. Another possibility is that Clint didn’t know exactly who benefited from his actions as Ronin.

“Someone above Maya”

References to the Tracksuit Mafia boss get more pointed in episode three of the series. After narrowly escaping the Tracksuit Mafia and Echo, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop discuss the gang’s hierarchy. Clint makes it clear that there is “someone above Maya.”

The series seems to be moving towards revealing a great evil with each episode, first hinting at a singular survivor of Ronin’s attacks on the underworld in episode one, then suggesting that Echo was, and now making it clear that he informs another. person.

Vincent D’Onfrio Tweets

Social media isn’t always the best barometer of what could happen in the MCU movies and shows, with rumors rampant. But Vincent D’Onofrio added fuel to the fire by commenting directly on the Hawkeye Serie. He retweeted a trailer for the show, saying he “loves these Marvel shows.”

While he might very well be a fan, he’s still a high-profile fandom case for D’Onofrio, who played Wilson Fisk in Reckless. He has also directly commented on the rumored Kingpin concept art in other tweets.

NY1 news anchor

Another tangential clue to the Netflix series is the presence of Pat Kiernan, a NY1 News reporter who makes appearances on the Hawkeye Serie. He also made numerous appearances on the Netflix suite of Marvel shows, including comments on Wilson Fisk in season 1 of Reckless.

While it may not be concrete proof of the Kingpin, Kiernan has made appearances in Spider-Man: Far From Home Also, it’s another obvious connection to the Netflix series that the MCU didn’t have to make.

Fat Man Auto

While not the kindest reference, it seems like there is a possible one for the Kingpin in episode three. In the flashback that opens the episode, Maya arrives at the car garage her father works in to find him being attacked by Ronin (also making it clear that he was a survivor of Snap). The name of the store is Fat Man Auto Repair.

Comic book fans know that Kingpin is one of Spider-Man’s best villains due to his impressive size and strength. Spider-Man sometimes throws some verbal jabs at him, and that could be reflected in the name of the auto shop.

Maya’s ‘uncle’

The flashback for episode three appears to feature Kingpin’s first appearance in the MCU. While training in martial arts as a child, Maya López meets her ‘uncle’. This guy is an imposing figure who wears a black suit. The viewer never sees her face, but he pinches her cheek and she smiles gratefully.

Kingpin wore black suits on Daredevil, and the character’s build seems to align very closely with Vincent D’Onofrio’s. He’s saying that the series doesn’t show his face here, but they do reveal something else.

This voice

Maya’s ‘uncle’ doesn’t say anything in the flashback, but laughs kindly while pinching her cheek. While not credited, the laugh appears to belong to Vincent D’Onofrio. The actor’s distinctive voice is very close to the short audio snippet of the episode.

Time will tell if it really is him, but the inclusion of the voice and visual appearance of a Kingpin figure represent the most obvious clues so far that Wilson Fisk is the great evil of Hawkeye and now a major part of the MCU.

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